Hello Again - 25-Dec-2009

Well...we're actually going to make a start at rebuilding this place! I know its a shock but MisterJ and myself are getting stuff sorted for a formal reopening of both the site and the forums!
As most of you know our base of operations for the past year has been over at the server we ran while at uni http://strabo.game-server.cc which, since I put it back on its feet, has had a few technical difficulties which none of us can figure out because its xmas and we're drunk.

Its christmas! w00p w00t and w00 (*is a ghost*). Happy xmas you lot, stay tuned for all the changes we'll be making ;p
Much love - The admins xxxxxxxxx

Hello - 04-Sept-2008

Yes, we in the admin team are aware that the forum hasn't been touched, and that neither has this site. Original homepage link is on the right, I might just remake that using more up to date methods...meh, see how i feel. To be honest its been abot 2 years since an update and if this is the best I can do then I have no skill at all :p
Lets see, update time...firstly, the site has been as you can see. It will improve, dont worry. Secondly, personal. I havent been able to have a drink for over a year because of a problem with one of my kidneys, but that one was recently removed so I'm looking forwards to using the student bars to their full potential when I move to uni on the 10th!!
While I'm there I'll be running a nice lil server so might move some of the SB stuff over to that (depending on the bandwidth usage that'll mean for our lovely fibre line).

Anyway, thats enought of an update for now. I'm off to the pub with English side of the old forum admins/SMods team.


P.S. the links at the top are really just to show that the blue bar has purpose. and yes, I know it works better in IE than Opera even though I have the Opera logo at the bottom, but I dont care :p will update when I get round to it. But check out the links, all good (except google the evil empire)